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Jennifer L. Wessel, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology

Director of Identity Management (IMg) Lab

  • Liknedin

About the IMg Lab

Research in the Identity Management (IMg) Lab focuses on diversity and identity in work contexts. How do individuals discuss, disclose, describe their various social identities (gender, sexual orientation, race, disability) at work, particularly when those identities are stigmatized? How do we react when others discuss sensitive topics related to stigmatized social identities (e.g., disclosing an identity, confronting prejudiced behavior)? How can organizations build more inclusive workplaces through policies and practices (e.g., training, value "nudges," authenticity climates)? Our research focuses on these questions and others related to identity management.


Recent Publications

Wessel, J. L., Lemay, E., & Barth, S. E. (2023) You(r behaviors) are racist: The effects of confrontation focus on reactions of the confronted. Journal of Business and Psychology. 38, 109-134.

Bedemariam, R. & Wessel, J. L. (2023). The roles of outcome and race on applicant reactions to AI systems, Computers in Human Behavior, 148, 107869.

Lee, J. & Wessel, J. L. (2022). Is feminist identity beneficial for women’s career aspirations? Examining feminist identity profiles, Psychology of Women Quarterly, 46(1), 27-49.

Barth, S. E. & Wessel, J. L. (2022). Mental illness disclosure in organizations: Defining and predicting (un)supportive responses, Journal of Business and Psychology, 37, 407-428.

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